Call for Papers

This conference will be held in order to achieve the following objectives:

  • To provide a platform for the meeting of the minds in discussing matters related to the latest development, issues, as well future trends in the fields of Nanoelectronics Engineering.
  • To facilitate global cooperation and collaboration between industries and academicians.
  • To disseminate current research findings and latest industrial practices in the areas of Nanoelectronics Engineering.

Topics include, but not limited to:

  1. Nanofabrication
    Nanofabrication Technologies
    Nanoscale Modeling and Simulation
    Nanometrology and Nanomanipulation
    Characterization Techniques
  2. Nanoelectronics
    Materials and Structures for Nanoelectronics
    Nanomagnetics and Spintronics
    Nanoelectronic Devices / Systems and Reliability
    Nanomolecular Electronics
    Modeling and Simulation for Nanoelectronics
  3. Nano-Photonics
    Nanophotonic Materials and Structures
    Nanophotonic Phenomena
    Nanophotonic Devices / Systems and Reliability
    Nanomolecular Photonics
    Modeling and Simulation for Nanophotonic
  4. Nano-Biology
    Nanobiological Materials and Structures
    Nanomolecular Devices / Systems and Reliability
    Biocompatibility and Bioactivity for nanobiology
    Biological Labeling and Drug Delivery
    Modeling and Simulation for nanobiology
  5. Nano-Physics
    Method and Application
    Nano Physics & Chemistry
    Computation and Design