Invited Speakers

  • Vijay K. Arora (Wilkes University, USA)
    Ballistic Transport in a Nanowire
  • Karl Kohlhof (Cologne UAS, Germany)
    Academic Teaching of Nanoscience in Engineering Courses
  • Takhir Razykov (UKM, Malaysia)
    Thin Film Solar Cells: Past, Present and Future (Review)
  • Abdul Rahman Mohamed (USM, Malaysia)
    Calcium-based Mixed Metal Oxides Nano Adsorbent For CO2 Capture
  • M. V. Reddy (NUS, Singapore)
    Nanostructured Storage Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Sutikno Madnasri (Indonesia)
    Synthesis and Characterization of Carbon-Based Resist Materials for UV-lithography Applications
  • Jose Rajan (UMP, Malaysia)
    Advanced Clean Energy Storage Materials
  • C. A. N. Fernando (Sri Lanka)
    n-Cu2O/Dye/p-CuI solid state photovoltaic cells exhibiting remarkably stable sensitized photocurrents with interlocked Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) dye films
  • Thomas Osipowicz (NUS, Singapore)
    Ion Beam Technologies at CIBA, Singapore: Lithography, Microscopy and Ion Beam Analysis
  • Mohamed Rusop (UiTM, Malaysia)
    Synthesis and Mechanistic Study of Carbon Nanotubes from Camphor Oil
  • Daniel Chua (NUS, Singapore)
    Applications of Multifunctional Core-shell Carbon Nanotubes as Bottoms-up Material for Key Technology